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Located In The Heart Of Charotar, Indulge With Your Loved Ones For Unparraled Services.

In today’s virtually connected global village, where the identity of individual eclipses the boundaries of nation, culture, race, and region, why do we feel like we’re missing out on something? There’s always the impending deadline to meet, the next chore to do, the vacation to plan, the next party to attend, but where is the luxurious thrill that makes us stop and cherish life? Where are the flamboyant moments of ostentation that simply create awe, weave magic and leave us speechless to create wonderful memories? Why do we feel choice less, when it comes to the question of cuisine, entertainment, and leisure, even though everything seems a click away?
These Frequently Asked Questions Formed The Core Guiding Forces In The Inception Of Neonz.

Neonz, an exclusive 5 star lifestyle resort and club, brings together the world’s most exciting and contemporary concepts of luxury, freedom, and rejuvenation. Neonz Resort and Club, spread across 15 sprawling acres of land in Charotar, exists to redefine the concept of luxury and bring together under one roof, a world-class holiday hangout, party hot-spot, business hub, foodie’s paradise, and a holistic health & wellness centre!

Neonz offers NRI Vacation Club Membership to have pleasant time and everlasting fun with your loved one at over 4500 4 & 5 star RCI Affiliated resorts in over 100 countries, including Neonz.


Our Resort Values

Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

We at Neonz Resort and Club believes in sustainable living and keeping environment secure. At the same time, we wish to offer exceptional and hassle free experience to the guests.

The entire team at Neonz Resort is committed in delivering the professional excellence. We create a secure environment to work, keeps excitement level high, and thrive success.

Under any circumstances, the team at Neonz Resort ensures to preserve the integrity with utmost honesty. Alongside, the diversity of customs and traditions blend together without any discrimination.

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Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

We celebrated a birthday party over there. And it was just so amazing. We had a lot of fun out there. The place was splendid. The food was lub. And the hospitality was so warming. A superb place to click pictures as well. The management was so that they were ready to change the location of the celebration to a different location after reaching there, which I felt was really something which most resorts won’t agree to at the last moment. In all, We really enjoyed it over there. It was a great experience.

My family and I had a wonderful stay here at Neonz! The resort is located in a beautiful farming community, making for wonderful scenery. The staff is wonderful so accommodating. The rooms (and bathrooms) are impressively clean. The best part of the resort is that they look to give back to the community. I will be returning in the future for sure.


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