Annual General Meeting (AGM)

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a mandatory yearly gathering of a company’s interested shareholders. At an AGM, the directors of the company present an annual report containing information for shareholders about the company’s performance and strategy. Arrange company events at Neonz with all facilities including projector.


The Seminar will be directed to reading and responding to the Canterbury Tales and also responding to the most recent scholarship on Chaucer and his milieu. Consideration will be given to Chaucer’s relationships to his English and Continental influences; to his literary, cultural, and artistic contemporaries; to the writers who followed in his footsteps, and to various contemporary methods of analysis.


There are probably as many answers to this question as there are workshops and workshop presenters but, in general, a workshop is a single, short (although short may mean anything from 45 minutes to two full days) educational program designed to teach or introduce to participants practical skills, techniques, or ideas which they can then use in their work or their daily lives.


In today’s environment, conferences are quite significant. A conference, whether for business or academic purposes, has significant benefits over webinars or virtual meetings.

Corporate conferences bring individuals together from all over the world who have a particular business interest or expertise, and they’re an excellent way to meet new people in your industry. Arranging a conference outside the company conference room is a great way to have vacation with working.

At its Corporate Conference room in Nadiad, Neonz Resort provides full personal and business services in an atmosphere that clears the mind and elevates the soul. The venue is well-equipped with cutting-edge communication and presentation technology.


A convention is a large-scale event that usually takes place year-on-year. The main purpose of a convention is to bring niche customers together into one room, while creating a buzz regarding the topic at hand.

Corporate Outing

A Board Meeting is a formal gathering where a company’s Board of Directors discuss the organisation as a whole, its progress, its future objectives, upcoming projects, etc. Board Meetings usually occur at defined intervals.

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