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About Neonz Club

In today's virtually connected global village, where the identity of an individual eclipses the boundaries of nation, culture, race and region, why do we feel like we're missing out on something? There's always the impending deadline to meet, the next chore to do, the vacation to plan, the next party to attend, but where is the luxurious thrill that makes us stop and cherish life? Where are the flamboyant moments of ostentation that simply create awe, weave magic and leave us speechless to create wonderful memories? Why do we feel choice less, when it comes to the question of cuisine, entertainment and leisure, even though everything seems a click away?

These questions formed the core guiding forces in the inception of Neonz.

Neonz Club, an exclusive life-style and recreation club, brings together the world's most exciting and contemporary concepts of luxury, freedom and rejuvenation. Neonz Club, spread across 15 sprawling acres of land in Charotar, exists to redefine the concept of luxury and bring together under one roof, a world-class holiday hangout, party hot-spot, business hub, foodie's paradise and a holistic health & wellness centre!

Our BOD & Advisors


For Reservations & Bookings
P: +91 2697 239999 / 9888 & + 91 90990 58189
E: sales@neonz.com
For Direction
P: +91 2697 239999 / 9888
Neonz Lifestyle & Recreation Club
Dabhou-Malataj Road, Village Dabhou
Taluka Sojitra, District Anand 387210 Gujarat, India
P: +91 2697 239999 / 9888
Nadiad Office
Neonz Lifestyle & Recreation Club
316 The Gravity, Opp. Amba Ashram, College Road
Nadiad 387 001 Gujarat, India
P: +91 2697 239444 / 555 & + 91 90990 58189
E: sales@neonz.com
6804 Bintliff Drive,
Houston, Texas 77072, U.S.A.
P: 281-456-4602
E: nri@neonz.com