The Royal Villa Rooms

The African Royal Villa
The African Royal Villa Room

Ukumbi wa Kenya (The Palace of Kenya)

An elegant personification of the dynamic African culture and traditions, the African Royal Villa, is your quintessential destination for a foreign, yet stirring experience.


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The Chinese Royal Villa
The Chinese Royal Villa Room

Huangdi de Shi (The Emperor's Chamber)

The Chinese Royal Villa is an intricate amalgamation of the past and the present, the traditional and the modern, and the subtle and intense.


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The Egyptian Royal Villa
The Egyptian Royal Villa Room

Cleopatra's Chamber

The Egyptian Royal Villa is a soulful rendition of a historical, appealing, mystifying, vibrant and the majestic Egypt.


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The Indian Royal Villa
The Indian Royal Villa Room

Rajputana Ratna (The Jewel of Rajputana)

The royalty and prosperity of the Land of Princes is skilfully reflected in the Rajasthani Royal Villa. The Royal Villa is an ideal stoppage to pamper yourself to the shades of a tradition that has lasted over the centuries, and experience royalty and supreme luxury firsthand.

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The Japanese Royal Villa
The Japanese Royal Villa Room

Mikado no Heya (The Room of the Emperor)

The Japanese Royal Villa elusively unites the traditional culture of The State of Japan which has evolved over the millennia, with the perfect blend of modernity, luxury and pure comfort.


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The Mexican Royal Villa
The Mexican Royal Villa Room

Casa Imperial de Mexico (The Imperial House of Mexico)

The Mexican Royal Villa is a delight of excitement and luxury, with a fun, eccentric and quirky Mexican twist.


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The Moroccan Royal Villa
The Moroccan Royal Villa Room

Palais el Bahia (The Bahia Palace)

The rich and diverse cultures and civilizations of Morocco are beautifully simulated in the Moroccan Royal Villa.


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The Moroccan Royal Villa
The American Royal Villa Room

The Lincoln Suite (President Lincoln’s Room)

The American Room named as The Lincoln Suite has a door sign which displays the name in his own handwriting.


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