NRI Vacation Club Memberships

To address all the inconveniences that possibly come to mind while thinking of much desired trip to your beloved homeland – be it the feeling of being dependent or burdensome on relatives that you stay with OR trouble of reopening and operationalizing closed home OR children not enjoying the opportunity to bond with India because they lack basic comfort and luxuries of back home, and many more hassles in a positive and cost effective way...

NEONZ, a five star resort and lifestyle club situated at peaceful, serene countryside location amidst Charotar’s fertile farmland, offers NRI VACATION CLUB MEMBERSHIPS – which are available at very low price and are loaded with unimaginable benefits!

Just fill up the form to obtain a detailed brochure and financial information of the memberships. You will be glad you did.

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Introducing Neonz

NEONZ is a Lifestyle & Recreation Club and a world class Resort located in the heart of Gujarat amidst fertile farmland of Charotar in Central Gujarat. It is peaceful, serene, pollution free, always clean and always green. It is conceived, planned, developed, operated and managed by an NRI who has lived in the USA for over 50 years.

NEONZ offers five star accommodations, serves delicious home cooked style food in Variety of cuisines and has extensive sports complex consisting of over 25 indoor and outdoor sporting activities. This ever expanding multi-million dollar project now offers vacation club memberships to NRI’s.

We invite you to study the attached and if impressed and interested please contact us or visit our website to learn more. We will provide you ample additional factual information you may need to enable you to make a wise decision about becoming a NEONZ VACATION CLUB Member

With a routine of hard work and dedication in your daily life you have earned the vacation of your dreams in a place where time slows down. Refresh your mind, relax and let the monotony of daily life melt away as you enjoy your freedom from the noise, pollution & stress of daily life. It’s time to indulge in luxury, laze by the pool, enjoy a leisurely meal or simply take in fresh air.

Spend your vacation time at the extraordinary NEONZ Lifestyle & Recreation Club where luxury has been redefined with an eye for detail and hospitality that reflects excellence and the quintessential “good-life”.

We belive everyone should be afforded the opportunity to spend their vacation time in a place where luxury and relaxation abound! Well-appointed and fully-furnished Royal Villas & Water Chalets await you amongst an ambience of natural beauty and five-star service. Exquisite green landscapes and thoughtful facilities make NEONZ the perfect gateway from a hectic and stressful lifestyle.

Welcome to the “Good-Life”!



  • Eight days / Seven Nights Free Accommodation at Neonz or any of the 175 RCI Affiliated resorts in India or over 4,300 resorts in over 100 countries all over the world per year every year of your membership at any time of the year except for few blackout days.
  • Dues lower than any other major vacation club around the world.
  • Total 10 weeks (70 nights) for a 10-Yr JADE Membership.
  • Total 25 weeks (175 nights) for a 25-Yr RUBY Membership.
  • Total flexibility in use of free nights at NEONZ – You can accumulate as many nights as you wish or use them in advance as long as you are current in paying annual subscription fees.
  • Studio, One BR and 2 BR suites are all thematic and much superior to what you will find at most resorts around the world.
The Royal Villa


  • Five years of complimentary RCI membership to enable you to travel to 100+countries and to enjoy over 4,300 resorts listed in RCI directory.
  • Every year of membership term, additional eight days / seven nights accommodation at over 125 internally affiliated resorts all over India (Member pays very nominal fee). It translates into a total of 140 nights for JADE and 350 nights for RUBY memberships.
  • During your Membership terms at NEONZ, you can invite as many times as you wish for dinner and / or sporting activities. By paying Rs.100 per guest per visit, they will also get 15% discount on food bills and will enjoy member’s rates for sporting activities.
  • Membership – Can be gifted, Transferred or Sold to other NRIs by paying 10% transfer fee provided all dues and transfer fees are paid in USA dollars.

Room Certificates

  • Total 10 weeks (70 nights) for a 10-Yr JADE Membership
  • Total 25 weeks (175 nights) for a 25-Yr RUBY Membership
  • Total flexibility in use of free nights at NEONZ

The Royal Villa

Special Discount

  • 15% discount on all food and beverages purchases.
  • Special Member Rates for over 25 indoor and outdoor sports.
  • 15% discount on hiring private car form NEONZ for personal transportation.
  • (During your free nights stay)

Dining and Sporting

Testimonials from the Members


Do I have to be a Gujarati from Charotar region to benefit from this membership?

Not at all. You can be from any part of Gujarat, any part of India or even any part of the world. With so many resort choices in so many countries, you can become our member and still explore India and the rest of the world because of our RCI affiliation.

When does my membership expire?

Ten or twenty five years from the day you paid your membership dues in full; or, upon fully using membership benefit of FREE NIGHTS as per your; membership term, which ever is sooner.

What is the difference between various categories of memberships?


Accommodation Type: STUDIO (One Bedroom / One bathroom) Maximum Occupants: Two adults and two children under 12 Privacy for: NONE if there are more individuals than a couple


Accommodation Type: One BR (Two bathrooms + Outdoor shower or a Jacuzzi) Maximum Occupants: Four adults or Two Adults and two children Privacy for: One couple


Accommodation Type: Two BR (Three bathrooms + Outdoor shower or a Jacuzzi) Maximum Occupants: Six adults or Four Adults and two children Privacy for: Two couples

What if I wish to use more free nights in a given year?

No problem. You can use as many free nights (up to the total free nights you are entitled to less what you might have already used) as you wish; provided, you have paid Annual Maintenance Charge in advance for each seven nights stay.

What if I am unable to use seven free nights for one or more years?

No problem. You will not lose any of your free nights you are entitled to as per your membership plan. All unused nights can be carried forward. However, all free nights benefit will need to be used up before the membership expiry date.

What if I wish to spend my seven free nights at some other resort in India or abroad?

No problem. We are giving you five years of RCI membership as complimentary. By paying usual prevailing RCI charges you can stay at any of 150+ RCI affiliated resorts in India or 4,300+ resorts in over 100 other countries. We are also directly affiliated with many four and five star resorts all over India. If you wish to spend your free nights at any of those affiliated resorts, you let us know in advance and we will make the booking for you. You will need to pay nominal fees to NEONZ.

Anything else?

If you spend seven nights at NEONZ, you will still get your seven nights of free accommodation at an internally affiliated resort by paying nominal nightly fees to NEONZ. This is icing on the cake! This benefit will be limited to the first 1,000 members only.

How much will be NEONZ fees?

The nominal nightly charge which you will pay to NEONZ in advance shall be: Silver: Rs. 1,000 / night Gold: Rs. 2,000 / night Platinum: Rs. 3,000 / night

Will I get any discount on food and beverages?

15% at Neonz only during your Free Nights stay. Discounts may or may not be offered at any of the affiliated resorts.

Can I bring guests to NEONZ?

Yes. You can bring up to five guests as many time as you wish. During your membership term for each guest for each visit you will need to pay Rs. 100 as guest fee. But then they will also get 15% discount on Food and Beverages and will enjoy low prevailing published Member's Rates for sporting activities

Do I get any reward for referring a prospect?

Yes. If you refer a prospect and if that prospect becomes a NEONZ Vacation Club Member, you will get a complimentary certificate entitling you the use of additional seven free nights in your membership category.

Can I gift or transfer the Complimentary Certificate to someone else?

Yes by paying a transfer fee of $100 for each week you wish to transfer to others.

Will the membership dues go up in future?

Yes, most likely. The initial Membership rates are good for a limited time. After December 31, 2018 NEONZ may raise the rates.

What about transportation?

NEONZ will provide a private taxi when you are using your free nights at NEONZ and will give you a 15% discount on then prevailing rates offered by other companies. You can avail this benefit even for picking you up from the airport, local travel, long distance travel or for dropping you off at the airport upon your return.

What about sporting activities?

You can enjoy all the sporting activities NEONZ offers and pay discounted prevailing MEMBERS ONLY rates.

Which membership category should I buy?

It depends on your family size and how much privacy is desired for how many. Term of the membership (10 Yrs or 25 yrs) depends on your preference and budget. It will be wiser to go for 25-Yr term (RUBY) even though initial cost of membership seems higher. Please note it locks in the lower per room night cost for 25 years. If you buy a 10-Yr term JADE membership per room night cost will be higher and renewal after ten years will be more expensive. But it will cost you less now as compared to 25-Yr term RUBY membership.

Why should I buy this membership in the first place?

The answer is simple – to enjoy the best in life that India offers and to save money. Let us say you buy 10-Yr JADE membership in Silver Category (Studio Unit). You will get seventy free nights for USA $3,500. That is $50 / Room Night which will equal to Rs. 3,250 / Room Night. Compare the same with our regular rate of Rs. 7,500 / Room Night for the same room. You see. You will save a bundle by being a member. And that rate is locked in for all seventy nights for ten years while our regular rate of Rs. 7,500 /Room Night will most likely go up as time passes. Also, compare the current room rates at other four or five star hotels and resorts within 100 KM of NEONZ. Here are the few examples for you to compare (as listed by Make My Trip):

Madhubhan Resort at Anand

Rs. 6,210

Boulevard 9 at Nadiad

Rs. 6,095

Courtyard Marriott at Ahmedabad

Rs. 8,960

Hyatt at Ahmedabad

Rs. 5,375

Welcome Hotel at Vadodara

Rs. 6.160

Surya Palace Hotel at Vadodara

Rs. 5,338

You can do your own research to convince yourself.

How else my NEONZ Vacation Club Membership will be beneficial to me?

We assume you have read the Tangible Benefits listed on Page 3 of our brochure. As far as we know, this is much better than any other vacation club offering around the globe. That alone should be convincing enough. Also there are numerous Intangible Benefits for you to consider.

Can you name a few?



  1. No need to be a burden to relatives or friends
  2. No need to suffer any inconveniences. No need to worry about opening your flat or hiring servants
  3. No need to live with inferior quality accommodation and eat routine foods
  4. Experience FIVE STAR luxuries at nominal cost
  5. Experience true vacation Top rate accommodation, delicious home cooked style meals and access to abundant sporting activities
  6. Your spouse and children will thank you
  7. World class luxury, privacy, amenities, facilities
  8. Peaceful, clean and green
  9. NEONZ is Gujarat's top rated travel and vacation destination. It has become a status symbol.
Can I buy this membership with confidence and without being afraid of being cheated?

YES. This is why: We have developed this resort on the agricultural land we purchased in 2010 and got N.A. (Non-Agricultural Use) permit for development. We have the title to the land, all required No Objection Certificates and we are in full compliance of the laws of the land. It is developed from one family's resources and the project is debt free. It is enjoying 85% + approval rating by our patrons. We are not a fly-by-night operation and our corporate policy is honesty and integrity. We would rather lose you as our member than lose our reputation. We take our reputation very seriously.

What else can you tell us about this resort?

We are operating since April 2015 and enjoy 85% + approval rating by our patrons for our accommodation, food and sporting complex. This is based on thousands of feedbacks we have tabulated from our customers. We can show them to you. We are also a member of AIRDA (All India Resort Development association) in good standing and also RCI Affiliated.

Is it safe to provide my contact info to you?

Very safe. We use it for permitted communications with you only. We do not bombard you with multiple emails to harass you until you become our member. We also do not share or sell your data to anyone. We will provide all the information you may seek and will leave it up to you to decide whether this Vacation Club Membership is for you or not. No matter how much we wish you to join our growing number of member families, we believe in your good judgment to decide whether you wish to become NEONZ VACATION CLUB MEMBER. The decision is entirely yours and yours only.

We have given you all the information to make a wise decision – information we ourselves will wish tohave – if presented with such an offer.


We will promptly respond.

Thanks for your time and giving us an opportunity to present our NEONZ VACATION CLUB MEMBERHIPS PLAN.